A Voice for Corals on World Oceans Day

On June 8th for World Oceans Day, the world came together for a global celebration centered around action and awareness for our ocean. Why? Because the ocean connects us all. Even in landlocked communities, the actions we take impact the waterways in our neighborhoods which ultimately affect the health of our reefs and ocean. 

From beach clean-ups in Portugal to eco-friendly potlucks in Hawaii, coral restoration projects in the Maldives, workshops in Australia and more, Chasing Coral was used to draw awareness and spread a message of hope to audiences around the world. 60 hosts in 21 countries brought their community together, inspiring guests to commit to taking action during this important moment for our ocean.



Chasing Coral’s Scientific Advisor and NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Program Coordinator Mark Eakin takes to the streets during the world’s first-ever March for the Ocean on June 9th, 2018.


“The audience was deeply moved, and the discussion afterwards held space for politicians, activists, ocean lovers, locals and tourists. Bringing these people together in a circle facilitating the birth of new relationships felt very relevant!” — Marie Winter, Honoka’a Hawaii




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 “A small event but with some very interesting discussions at the end which led to some inspiring ideas to work together to tackle some issues right here in our university in particular related to plastic waste.” — Elise Allely, Brisbane, Australia




To our hosts and global community, we say a huge THANK YOU for helping us channel the energy of World Oceans Day into action for our reefs and ocean!

We were thrilled to have our favorite coral nerd Zackery Rago and coral reef scientist Joanie Kleypas join us for a special World Oceans Day chat live on Facebook. Thousands tuned in to hear them talk candidly about their work, coral preservation efforts around the world, inspiring youth, how they personally take action, and even their favorite marine animals. You can watch this lively discussion on the Chasing Coral Facebook page or directly below:

Let’s keep raising our voice.

On World Oceans Day, Chasing Coral launched The Unstoppable Voter Pledge: a simple, yet powerful commitment that lets U.S. candidates know that people who care about creating a more sustainable future plan to show up at the polls. Not located in the U.S.? We want you to call on your local leaders to accelerate action.


Take the Unstoppable Voter Pledge

Accelerate action by calling on local leaders


Experience more Chasing Coral + World Oceans Day highlights below:



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