6 Ways to Give Back to the Ocean this Giving Tuesday

To kickstart the holiday season’s warm ethos of charity and end-of-year giving, we’re celebrating Giving Tuesday! Instead of the shopping craze of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday is a holiday that celebrates giving back to your favorite causes (with a super fun hashtag).  

This year we’ve highlighted organizations that rally around a cause we believe in – keeping our oceans safe, clean, and top of mind. By donating to these organizations, you’ll help further the research and hard work needed to protect our changing oceans. Take a look below to check out just a few of the amazing organizations working for our oceans.


Continue the life’s work of Dr. Ruth Gates – coral’s biggest champion

Organization: Dr. Ruth D. Gates Memorial Student Support Fund

It was with heavy hearts that we announced the passing of beloved scientist Dr. Ruth Gates earlier this month. Dr. Gates was a dear friend of the Chasing Coral team and one of the world’s foremost coral scientists. The Dr. Ruth D. Gates Memorial Student Support Fund has been established to continue her legacy of world-class research and preserving coral reefs in the face of warming seas by supporting the next generation of coral reef scientists. Donations will support undergraduate and graduate students studying coral reefs at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology.


Help replenish a coral colony + adopt a coral

Organization: Seychelles Marine Conservation Society

The Seychelles Marine Conservation Society has the perfect gift for a coral loving loved one this season: for a modest price you can adopt a coral! This conservation society grows coral in a lab in order to out-plant them to a coral colony in the ocean. Once you adopt, you get growth updates, pictures, and a GPS location of your coral’s oceanic forever home.


Support expeditions back to the reef

Organization: GBR Legacy

Our very own coral nerd, Zack Rago, joined the GBR Legacy team on their first ‘Search for the Super Corals’ expedition earlier this year. The team is now in the midst of their second trip out to the reef, on their Search for Solutions’ expedition, surveying the same region of the Great Barrier Reef captured in Chasing Coral. You can follow the team on their ship as they collect samples and document changes to coral reef ecosystems. All donations go to outfitting a research institute and vessel with eager, world-saving scientists.


Bring the story of coral into the spotlight

Organization: Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency, whose work is featured in Chasing Coral, believes the best way to protect our changing ocean is by communicating the problem. Building on their global survey of coral reefs featured in the film, their contributions helped create Google’s underwater streetview of coral reefs and their 50 Reefs project seeks to identify the most resilient reefs around the world that can act as seed banks for the future. Your donation will aid the Ocean Agency in their mission to save coral reefs by bringing them into the global spotlight.


Protect our oceans’ ‘Hope Spots’

Organization: Mission Blue

Under the leadership of renowned scientist, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue aims to protect all the ‘Hope Spots’ in our oceans. Hope Spots are special places that are critical to the health of the ocean, examples include the Gulf of California and the Balearic Islands.  While some of these spots are protected, some are still very vulnerable. That’s where this team comes in. Embarking on a series of expeditions, the organization hopes to shine a light on the importance of these critical areas and spark people to action. Your donation will help them continue their work and dive into future expeditions.


Help reduce plastic pollution

Organization: 5 Gyres

5 Gyres’ goal is to reduce the plastic pollution plaguing our ocean. In the last year, the organization has brought together 700 citizen scientists through their ambassador program, trained 7,000 people across the Philippines and Indonesia on zero waste strategies, and completed fieldwork studying microplastics in the San Francisco Bay. By donating you’ll help 5 Gyres continue on their journey to eliminate plastic waste across the globe.


Giving Tuesday bonus highlight:

Chasing Coral Impact Campaign

In the year and a half since Chasing Coral premiered on Netflix, we’ve seen the film screened over 1,500 times – from remote island communities to landlocked regions.. During this time, our impact team has made it our mission to create tools and resources that enable groups around the world to connect this story to action. We’ve launched a project-based learning curriculum to inspire the next generation of coral nerds, mobilized voters in the U.S. around important environmental races this election season, and elevated the coral story at moments that matter like World Oceans Day and the first ever March for the Ocean. By supporting our work, you’ll help us grow our impact (let’s reach 3,000 screenings!) and develop tools and resources to take this story to new, unlikely environmental champions (Brewers? Boarders? Bakers? You tell us!).