Calling all Coral Nerds: A contest to “Make Waves” this Earth Day

“Chasing Coral is a film that can help us educate, engage and inspire people to step up action.” – Kathleen Rogers, Earth Day Network President

Chasing Coral is thrilled to support Earth Day Network
in their 2019 mission to “protect our species” by launching the “Make Waves” contest. This year, Earth Day highlights coral reefs as one of six species in need of dire attention and action. Coral reefs are vital to our planet, but today close to 65% percent of coral reefs are under serious threat of extinction.

However, young people are using the story of Chasing Coral to raise awareness about the need to protect this precious ecosystem and prevent further warming of our planet – from organizing screenings for their parents and peers, to organizing “action squads,” hosting school-wide fundraising events, creating coral-themed media projects, reaching out to local businesses about adopting more sustainable practices, and more.

We’re launching the Make Waves contest to inspire more groups across the globe to use Chasing Coral to ignite action in their community!

Chasing Coral screening at The Explorer’s Club. Image by Craig Chesek. 

Win a visit from Zack Rago (our resident “Coral Nerd” and Chasing Coral cast-member)

Here’s How it Works:

  1. Host a screening of Chasing Coral in celebration of Earth Day (it’s free!) You can choose any date from now – May 1st. Start by registering your Earth Day screening.

  2. Include programming that ties to the theme of this year’s Earth Day, “Protect our species,” aimed at engaging attendees in climate action. Access our Screening Toolkit to view planning tools.

  3. Share back your story with us! Leading up to Earth Day, we’ll share next steps on how to report back about your event. View Make Waves contest rules to see what we’re looking for.


To date, one-third of our global screenings have occurred in schools located around the world. Here’s how one school mobilized around Earth Day in 2018:

Each year, The Pegasus School puts on an Earth Day event for their community. After one of their staff members attended a screening of Chasing Coral, their 2018 theme became crystal clear — to show the film to their community and teach their students about the plight of coral reefs around the world.

“Zack is the heart of the film and reminded us of so many of our students – a complete, self-proclaimed coral nerd, and that was exactly the inspiration our students needed.” – Pam Conti, The Pegasus School

The folks at The Pegasus School created a day-long program. Leading up to the event, which included a screening of Chasing Coral and a visit from Zack Rago, students were shown clips to peak their interest and excitement. Through the film and in meeting Zack students were inspired that they too could follow their passions in life and really make a difference.


“It was both heartwarming and heartbreaking to experience the film, but was one of the most engaging and meaningful Earth Day celebrations we’ve ever had.”


“Best Earth Day ever! The level of education and inspiration was off the charts this year! The students learned so much about coral reefs and the animals and people that depend on them. Thank you for bringing this documentary and Zack to Pegasus.” – 2nd-grade teacher, The Pegasus School

Taking inspiration from young changemakers like 
Our Children’s Trust, kids like Robbie Bond and organizations like The Pegasus School, show us how you’re “protecting our species” this Earth Day through climate action and we’ll reward one group with a visit from our resident coral nerd Zack Rago, to help make your impact even bigger.


Get started:

Start by registering your Earth Day screening
View our ‘Make Waves’ contest rules for next steps

Additional resources:

Access our Screening Toolkit to plan your event
Access Earth Day Network tools positioned around “protecting our species”
Take your attendees on a virtual dive with our VR film