6 Ways to Take Action During Climate Week

This week, governments, organizations, and millions of individuals from around the world will convene for our climate. From calving ice to coral bleaching, the impacts of our warming climate can be felt everywhere — not just below the waves, but at home in our own communities

This is a crucial moment to join our collective will together to make climate solutions unstoppable! Here’s how you can join us in taking action: 

GLOBAL YOUTH CLIMATE STRIKE / MAY 24, 2019. Over 500 students and other youth advocates across the Philippines joined the global youth climate strike in Manila, Philippines. LEO M. SABANGAN II.

1 – Save the date

On Friday September 20th the Exposure Labs  team is taking to the streets to stand in solidarity with the millions of youth climate strikers demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels.  Mark your calendars and click here to join a local strike.


2 – Create a #ClimeStrike sign

Give our vanishing glaciers and reefs a voice by using our custom #ClimateStrike posters:


< Click here to download > 


Poster Printing Tips: 

  • Choose recycled paper or paper sourced from sustainable material. Look for the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) seal on the package to ensure you’re making an eco-friendly choice. 
  • Remember to reuse or recycle your poster when the strike is over!  
  • No printer? No problem! Copy our posters with a sharpie and piece of cardboard instead.


3 – Join the #ClimateStrike online

Help us amplify the global #ClimateStrike on your social media with our share graphics + suggested copy:

Social copy: Glaciers are melting. Coral reefs are dying. Our planet is striking, and so are we! Today I’m on #ClimateStrike with the @ChasingCoral team and millions of others to call on our governments and leaders to reduce carbon emissions. We need to create climate solutions that keep fossil fuels in the ground and improve the lives of billions around the world. Learn more at bit.ly/bloglink. #ChasingCoral #ClimateWeek 


< Download graphics here >


4 – Become an ally

If we do not act now to drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2030, our future generations will suffer the catastrophic impacts of our warming climate. Learn more about how best to be an ally to young climate strikers as they face future climate challenges and continue our fight to create a better world. 



5 – Support the movement

Donate to youth-led climate organizations like Sunrise Movement or the Youth Climate Action Fund


6 – Participate in Climate Week events happening throughout the week

Run alongside the UN Climate Action Summit on September 23rd, Climate Week NYC will showcase events throughout the week to stoke conversation from local groups to discuss how to accelerate climate solutions. Bookmark webtv.un.org to live-stream this and other Climate Week events occuring at the UN throughout the week. 


Together, we can be unstoppable for climate solutions! 

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  • Jonathan

    Try to make a challenge on social media that will helps reduce our carbon production.

  • oscar enrique gallion

    My tears n sadness need to change into action just dont know what I can do except support non fossil fuel energy n wish to join a supporting meet up

  • Johana Rodriguez

    How can we all help? Thanks to my bio professor at CSUN, I had the opportunity to watch this film. I cried so much! We are hurting our planet. Our corals are in danger. What can we do to help?