Citizen’s Climate Lobby

“Chasing Coral reminded our volunteers of the beauty and priceless value of our planet and our oceans, and it provided extra motivation for them to take action by lobbying their members of Congress for effective climate legislation.”

–Andres Jimenez, Senior Director of Government Affairs


Volunteers head to Capitol Hill with new advocacy tools.


Washington, D.C.

Key Highlights:

  • Connected the film to CCL’s policy agenda including issues such as a revenue-neutral carbon fee.
  • Held a panel discussion with legislative staffers to understand how to share these issues effectively with legislators.
  • Armed volunteers with lessons from the film and tools from their training sessions to speak with legislators about climate policy.

Citizen’s Climate Lobby volunteers know how to make a splash, and now have the tools to create waves. Over 450 CCL members from around the country gathered in Washington D.C. for the 4th Annual Congressional Education Day. A screening of Chasing Coral was used as an engaging way to kick things off and reinforce a sense of urgency and commitment to the work ahead for organizers in attendance. Armed with the power of the film’s story and two days of climate advocacy training under their belts, members headed to Capitol Hill to meet with legislators and put their new knowledge and tools into action.

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