Decatur First UMC

“There was a lot of discussion about grief over what has been lost and how we deal with that in the church. We talked about the fallacy of doing nothing and just saying God will just take care of it, Genesis 2:15 (first command to man to tend the garden/Care for Creation)” 

– Michael Paul Black, Faculty Associate at the Office of Sustainability, Georgia State University


Church members explore their responsibilities to protect God’s creations.


Decatur, Georgia

Key Highlights:

  • Tied the film to themes of stewardship and protecting God’s creations using previous sermons as inspiration.
  • Discussed the importance of political activism, supporting clean energy, and how people can connect this back to their faith.

After attending a screening at Saint Luke’s Presbyterian Church, the Decatur United Methodist Church was inspired to host their own, coined “Chasing Coral as Christians.” Projected from the altar, the film acted as a precursor to a panel discussion that intertwined faith and stewardship, touching on a responsibility for God’s creations, the duty of civic participation, and recognizing the importance of political leadership at national and international levels. To conclude the event the congregation identified next steps for church members to make a collective impact by participating in elections, supporting the Clean Power Plan, and switching to renewable energy.

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