Dropbox employees explore new sustainable product solutions.


Austin, London, Dublin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Sydney

Key Highlights:

  • Highlighted the use of their platform as a tool for the Chasing Coral film team to effectively collaborate to tackle big challenges.
  • Brought the film to their company’s Hack Week to act as inspiration for identifying creative and sustainable product design at Dropbox.

Dropbox and Chasing Coral met long before the film premiered. The film’s production team used Dropbox as a platform to collaborate and share photo and video files with scientists and dive teams located all over the world. After the Sundance premiere, Dropbox screened the film at several offices for employees during their Hack Week with the goal of sparking inspiration around a search for more innovative and sustainable solutions when building their own products. They hope to use Chasing Coral as an example of what can be created when streamlined collaboration is possible; from producing a film shot in remote sites around the globe to empowering thousands of screening hosts to access the film’s impact campaign anywhere there’s an interest in making a difference.

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