Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association

“Chasing Coral created an opportunity to connect the changes fishermen are seeing in the GOM with the wider implications climate change is having on our marine resources globally.”

– Monique Coombs, Director of Marine Programs at Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association


Maine fisherman recruit more waterway data collectors.


Brunswick, Maine

Key Highlights:

  • Shared stories and data relating to Maine fish populations and local warming waters.
  • Highlighted research being conducted with the help of local fishermen.
  • Enlisted new fishermen to help gather data as part of an important research initiative.

If you want an update on the health of your coastline, ask your local fishermen. Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association, an industry-driven organization made up of commercial fishermen, focuses on the restoration of fisheries in the Gulf of Maine and the preservation of Maine’s fishing communities for future generations. At the Fishermen’s Association’s recent screening of Chasing Coral, fishermen and researchers discussed the warming waters of the Maine coast with a goal of inspiring other fishermen to participate in important data collection. Fishermen at the screening explained that the protection of the Maine coastline by collecting data isn’t only a passion project, but that participating in maintaining the health of the waterways has a direct impact on all fishermen’s livelihoods. You can catch a glimpse of the work they’re doing in their Hard Tellin’ YouTube series.

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