Environmental Center at Fort Lewis College

“The film is pretty striking and it really inspired people to take additional action.”

– Rachel Landis, Coordinator at the Environmental Center at Fort Lewis College


Students fundraise to help their peers cut their carbon footprints.


Durango, Colorado

Key Highlights:

  • Used screening as a fundraiser for the college’s environmental center and to explore ways to reduce pollution.
  • Created a visual call to action with the Carbon Footprint Calculator, where guests could calculate their individual footprints.
  • Rallied audience members to take a pledge to cut their carbon footprint based on their results.

Chasing Coral screened at the Environmental Center at Fort Lewis College with proceeds from food and drink concessions acting as a fundraiser for the FLC Environmental Center’s work in climate and conservation. The Center took the event a step further by rallying people around a new year pledge: cut their carbon footprint using a carbon footprint calculator tool. Guests could see what kinds of changes they can make to reduce their footprint, the environmental impact this would have, and how much it would cost them. After watching the global impacts of pollution on-screen, the pledge was a simple yet important step for guests to channel their energy into action.

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