Climate Leaders and Storytellers Meet in Mexico City

“It was a great advance to introduce the marine issues in a National Climate Change meeting.”

– Frida Diaz, Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático

Organizer:  Instituto Nacional de Ecología y Cambio Climático
Location:  Mexico City, Mexico
Press: Gob.MX

Gathered to discuss the intersection of storytelling and public policy in achieving new energy policies in Mexico.  

Over 1000 leaders and climate activists gathered at the National Meeting on Climate Change in Mexico City, where Chasing Coral was screened.  The conference focused on Mexico’s current public climate policy objectives and mapping the country’s next steps. On the first day, participants focused on the importance of collaboration between the science, political, and storytelling communities for effective public mobilization. Chasing Coral screened at the end of the first day, as a way to spark discussion about the critical role storytelling plays around public policy issues. Dr. Guillermo Horta-Puga, one of the most prestigious researchers of coral reefs in Mexico, and the Mexican Coral Reef Society spoke to audiences about the threats that local Mexican coral reefs are facing and what individual actions people could take to protect them.