The North Face


The North Face connects their customers to local environmental initiatives.


New York, Washington D.C., Boulder, and San Francisco

Key Highlights:

  • Utilized the film to further communicate their company values of outdoor adventure and environmental consciousness.
  • Screened the film at stores across the country with panel discussions with representatives from local environmental organizations.
  • Connected themes of global coral bleaching from the film to local climate challenges and how audience members could take action in their community.

While The North Face equips customers with the tools for adventure, they were looking for ways to further educate customers and employees on how climate change impacts the many landscapes that people explore in their gear. The North Face held screenings of Chasing Coral at stores packed with upwards of 60 people a store in New York, Washington D.C., Boulder, and San Francisco. At each event they invited a local non-profit, including organizations like Ceres and The Sierra Club, to highlight their work being done locally and connect guests with well-organized networks to help them get involved.

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