Northreach Baptist Church

“Our attitude towards Creation reflects how we regard the Creator. He owns it all, we should love what He has created. If God cared about it enough to create it, that should tell us whether we should care or not.”

– Kristy Potgieter


Young Christians launch new sustainability practices for the congregation.


Townsville, Australia

Key Highlights:

  • Promoted screening to attract and engage younger congregants and community members.
  • Discussed audience members’ role as Christians to protect God’s creations through sustainable practices.
  • Inspired their church to make more sustainable choices including adding a recycling bin and improving energy efficiency of their facilities.

Newly graduated marine biologist Kristy Potgieter brought Chasing Coral to Northreach Baptist Church and screened the film to a room of her fellow church-goers. The event, coined “The Christian and Creation,” focused on the responsibility one felt as a Christian to defend God’s creations. The group, made up of mainly young science-minded Christians like Kristy, had a lively discussion about this theory and how they could take steps to minimize their negative impact on the environment. In a few short weeks following the event, Kristy witnessed her church take some of the steps that the group had outlined in their discussion, including adding a recycling bin, using less single-use plastic cutlery and coffee cups, and reducing the use of air conditioning.

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