Sustainable Organization of Manly


Community members discuss the health of their shorelines.


Manly, Austrailia

Key Highlights:

  • Connected the film to local efforts to protect Manly’s coastline through a panel discussion.
  • Held a sustainable fundraiser and organized a beach clean-up to engage guests while the story of the film was fresh.
  • Rallied audience members to take a pledge to cut their carbon footprint in the “Coral Commitment” photo booth.

The people of Manly gathered on the beach to talk about something near and dear to the community: the health of their shoreline. Sustainable Organization of Manly, a non-profit that works to conserve the Sydney Harbor, kicked off the event with a screening of Chasing Coral. In addition to the film, audiences participated in a beach clean-up with the Surfrider Foundation, ate sustainable foods at the cookout fundraiser, and heard from a panel of local scientists. Panelists equipped audiences with a few things they could do to make a difference, including installing LED lights, participating in car pools, and eating less meat. Audiences immediately brought this list to life by participating in the “Coral Commitment” photo booth and buying environmentally-friendly items like coffee-to-keep cups.

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Press: Chasing Coral… Catching community vibes

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