University of Georgia

“Using this film to catalyze awareness and change amongst kids and members of the public in Athens has been a wonderful opportunity.”

– Sara Beresford, Education and Communication Specialist in the UGA Department of Marine Sciences


900 students and residents discuss the Athen’s sustainability plan.


Athens, Georgia

Key Highlights:

  • Engaged high-school and university students prior to screening with special science lessons and art projects.
  • Helped make the coral story more tangible by engaging local academic staff to exhibit real coral samples.
  • Highlighted Athens new Office of Sustainability as part of the panel discussion to demonstrate local momentum.

The University of Georgia hosted a screening series that reached over 900 students and attendees. In addition to panel discussions led by featured scientist Dr. James Porter, a professor at UGA, screenings involved high school field trips, local artists, organizations, businesses, and a coral display by the Georgia Museum of Natural History. The event acted as part of a larger project to engage the Athens public in the importance of healthy oceans during the EcoFocus Film Festival, in partnership with the University of Georgia Department of Marine Sciences and Clarke County School District. Based on the success of the fall 2017 screening series, the University of Georgia, in partnership with the school district, has developed a regular spring “Experience UGA” field trip that includes a screening of the film for all 9th graders in the district.

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