Bill (S44) aims to boost solar investment in South Carolina

S44 otherwise known as the Renewable Energy Economic Development Bill, would allow land currently unused or being used for agriculture to be developed as a solar farm. It also introduces tax exemptions for 80% of the fair market value of distributed energy resources like solar panels.

Despite rapid growth, South Carolina’s solar industry is still dragging behind other states. In 2015, roughly $10 million was invested on solar installations in South Carolina, compared to $311 million in Georgia and $1.69 billion in North Carolina, according to the SCSBA. Similar legislation as S44 was passed in North Carolina that has influenced Apple’s choice to establish a solar farm with its expansive data center in the state.

S44 passed in the Senate (38-4) with bipartisan support in February and is now stalled in the House. More coverage on S44:

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