Unstoppable Schools Projects

Charleston, South Carolina

A community on the frontline of change

Few know the Southeast is home to Gray’s Reef only 19 miles from the Savannah shoreline, a fact that surprised many students. However, as a rapidly developing metropolitan area, surrounded by water, it was easy for students to link the story of Chasing Coral to changes happening close to home that many communities around the world are also facing:

  • Charleston is among the most vulnerable metropolitan areas to rising seas and climate change.
  • Sea level rise is also a serious threat to local wetlands, which are likely to experience habitat loss, seawater encroachment and flooding 
  • Ocean acidification is also directly impacting the local oyster industry, as it corrodes baby oysters’ growing shells

The Impact

The Unstoppable Schools project armed students with new skills for problem-solving, and their work had a meaningful impact on the community.

Developing excellent habits of learning

“The Unstoppable Schools Project made me aware of my school’s low recycling rates. After speaking with our school’s facilities manager and the local recycling companies, it was incredibly easy to obtain three bins and place them in the cafeteria equipped with posters to illustrate what to recycle.” Rebecca Goodwin, Student at Wando High School

Making a lasting impact in the community

“The kids begin asking questions: What happens if all the corals die? What happens if there aren’t coral reefs? They get it. They understand it.” Phil Dustan, Professor of Ecology at the College of Charleston

Fostering environmental leadership

“I can tell that the students have gotten to experience something completely unexpected; Seeing the film and then meeting Zack in person really brought a documentary to the real world for them. I can definitely tell that students are better able to bring the content of the class to their lives because they see that science is something that is happening around them all the time.” Zakariya-Shaith Musallam, Educator at Daniel Jenkins Academy

Charleston, You’re Unstoppable

The work these teams have done inspires us to bring this project into more schools, offering more students a fantastic learning and growth opportunity that has real-life positive impact on their hometowns.

Your School Can Be Next

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