What is ocean acidification and how does it impact local ecosystems?

“The students have learned a lot from both the viewing of Chasing Coral and the project we are doing.  Through the Unstoppable Schools Project, they have cultivated several skills, including communicating among a large group and developing a scientific poster.”
– Tracy Lyles

Within small teams, students investigated the local ramifications for the global phenomenon known as ocean acidification. First, the team interviewed the Department of Natural Resources and then received guidance from their media center intern on how to analyze scientific articles and create scientific posters. Thereafter, they added a personal touch by incorporating art into their presentation. Their final poster – exhibited in the cafeteria and shared as a video – showcased what they learned about how ocean acidification has impacted local spartina and oyster reef habitats through interviews, primary research and poetry.


James Island Charter High School


Tracy Lyles


April Hawkins, Morgan Gillette, Hudson Hames, Rodman Zheng, Tyler Jackson, Sayveon Dunmeyer, Ethan Dudley, Chaise Green