How can we as citizens impact environmental issues in Charleston?

“My project was about researching endangered animals and the threats they face. It was so cool to learn more about them and the new discoveries being developed to save them.”
-Unstoppable Student, R. B. Stall High School

Mitzi approached the Unstoppable Schools Project by first reflecting on what she was most curious about – sea turtles. The Loggerhead Sea Turtle is the South Carolina state reptile and has been classified as threatened since 1978. Her team then researched the Endangered Species Act to investigate why the Loggerhead remains on the list. To express what she found and raise awareness about the problem, Mitzi and her team developed a 3D model of the sea turtle in collaboration with the R. B. Stall High School Media Center 3D Printing Specialist. Afterward, they decorated the 3D model with items that are most at risk of harming turtles, such as plastic bags, aluminum bottle tops and soda six-pack rings. They exhibited their work to Zack and the Exposure Labs team during a virtual presentation.


R. B. Stall High School


Mariah Warren


Mitzi Herrera, Karelin Herrera – Gomez, Alonzo Warthen – Jenkins, and Ar’Tavius Nance