How can our school help sequester the CO2 hurting the coral reefs?

“The Chasing Coral team has inspired us to do our part in helping to sequester CO2 from the environment, as an attempt to lower the global temperature and prevent coral bleaching, by planting seeds and giving away the plants to spark the same inspiration within them.” 
 Dayna Collier, participating student

Ms. Spigner’s Investigative Research Class developed a hydrangea propagation experiment, thanks to support from the Magnolia Gardens. After a few failed attempts and additional research, the students’ work blossomed, and seedlings were distributed to faculty and staff along with planting instructions and sustainability tips. Students exhibited their work in the school bistro to fellow students, faculty and staff and representatives from the school district. The students concluded their presentation by sharing a song that elaborated on how plants can help address coral bleaching by sequestering carbon dioxide.


West Ashley High School


Margaret Spigner


Jessica Tapio, Stephen Votta, Dayna Collier