Take Action

Since our journey began, we knew that if we could capture visual evidence of coral bleaching, we could reveal the phenomenon in a powerful way. Now it’s time to connect the story to action.

First, help us reveal this story hidden below the waves.

Next, check out other ways to make an impact.

Host a screening

Use our Screening Field Guide to plan and host a Chasing Coral impact screening in your community.

Engage students

Use our 6-12th grade curricula to engage and inspire the next generation with a school screening.

Wake up the world

Use our Social Media Toolkit to share what the bleaching of our reefs reveals about our future and inspire others to act.

Pledge to Vote

15 million U.S. registered voters care about environmental issues, but don’t turn out to vote. We can change that.

Commit to action

Download our Action Guide to find ways to take action, help protect our reefs, and secure a clean energy future today.


Contribute to our campaign to help us grow our impact and connect the film to new communities.

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