take action

making waves

This elusive story may be out of sight and out of mind, but the solutions exist all around us.

Since the release of Chasing Coral, we have been so inspired by the passion and creativity of this community.  The climate crisis can feel overwhelming, but we believe with collective action we really can make a difference!  

Raise awareness

Studies have shown that person-to-person advertising is far more impactful than any digital media, so imagine the difference you could make with one climate conversation! Sharing the film is a great place to start.

Host a screening

Wake up the world

Get educated

Use our Planning Guide to plan and host a Chasing Coral impact screening in your community.

Use our Social Media Toolkit to share what coral bleaching reveals about our future and inspire others to act.

Navigate to our the Issue page to learn more about what’s happening beneath the waves.

Lead by example

Modern life has a carbon tax attached to it – almost everything we purchase or do has an impact, but we get to decide our role in it. Kickstart your journey to sustainable living with these tips.

Empower others

Don’t burn out

Green up your feed

At this point in the climate movement, it’s more important than ever that we hear new voices, like those of today’s youth.

Information overload can lead to burnout, so Grist has created a 21-Day detox to combat climate apathy and bring you back to what matters.

A great way to stay up to date with the climate movement is to follow folks leading the charge for inspiration and mobilization moments.

change the system

In order to tackle this critical issue, individual action and education is crucial, but so is systemic change. The role of politicians is to convey and execute the desires of their constituents at an institutional level, so let them know that you want change and you want it now. Trust us, it works!

Know your reps

pledge to vote

use your voice

Take the first step in being an informed voter by learning what your representative plans to do for our climate.

15 million U.S. registered voters care about environmental issues, but don’t turn out to vote. We can change that.

Organizations like Citizens Climate Lobby are working to empower us all to take matters into our own hands.

Looking for other resources?

Explore more of our recommendations from other experts in the field or check out our Community Hub, building power through community and connection.