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In July, Chasing Coral turned three!  Can you believe it? Together, you helped us wake up the world to what’s going on beneath the surface. We’re thrilled to share some special moments along the way that have humbled and inspired us, and dive into what’s next for our team. To date, there
This week, governments, organizations, and millions of individuals from around the world will convene for our climate. From calving ice to coral bleaching, the impacts of our warming climate can be felt everywhere — not just below the waves, but at home in our own communities.  This is a crucial
“As you start to integrate sustainability into your narrative, it becomes more and more prevalent and something that starts to build organically from the ground up. I can assure you that even by small and simple changes, you are going to be surprised with the impact you can make.”  
Some people say nobody cares about second birthdays — but we beg to differ. Since commemorating our first year with this impact video, Chasing Coral’s movement to wake up the world has only grown bigger. In honor of our big day, we’re throwing a virtual birthday party with fun stories
By celebrating the stewardship of local brewers, we were able to raise awareness about the environmental challenges facing the brewing industry and inspire their community of beer lovers.   Chasing Coral is a unique medium to connect communities, even in landlocked states, to what’s happening below the waves due to
Whether you’re planning a staycation this spring break or planning a trip away, your actions have a global impact. Global tourism produces about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions, this includes transportation, hotels and lodging, activities, and other miscellaneous buildings, items and structures people use while traveling.  With 53% of